CD ripping with ubuntu – fiesty

At the moment i am attempting to rip a cd to mp3 format. As a new user of Ubuntu i am not that familiar with all of the apps and packages that you need to effectively use this system but for some simple tasks like this, it does seem a little more difficult than it should be.

Anyway, i have tried a few apps so far like soundjuicer, songbird and amarok. i am trying to make it work with amarok because i would like to not have to use multiple apps to do common tasks like audio. When using amarok and trying to import the cd tracks into the library via right click, all i get is some grayed out options which is not much help. However, I will keep looking for a solution to the amarok problem and will provide an update when i find one??

Well after some messing around with packages and other crap like that, i have given up on the idea of using amaroK to do the ripping and moved to soundjuicer. It does seem to do the job but is extremely slow to the point of sleep, and does not seem to have even gotten track names or any of the correct information. Uuuumm, it turns out that there is more to track information than i originally thought.

What seems to happen when you insert a disk, is that the track lengths and number of tracks are sent to one of many online directories eg. cdda and there the cd information is compared against a database to see if there is a similar cd available. Now, considering that there will not be a similar cd, because this is a custom one, it will find no results. This will leave you with a cd full of songs and no associated information, which sucks. Anyway, it turns out that you can upload the newly created cd, using iTunes to the appropriate online directory and then move to the new computer where the track information will be grabbed. Definitely, not an ideal solution but it is late and i am getting annoyed. Another alternative is: If you have a friend who has a mac, you can use a script CD Text to CD Info v1.2″ to apply the tag information to the songs before they are burnt or imported. This means that when you go to import/record the disk you will be able to grab the track information automatically which is a lot better of a solution.I know that this is not a solution for ubuntu but i have given up for the moment in hope that someone else can shed some light on a better alternative.