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Strange Lurching In Defender

Well this seems to be an ongoing process and will probably end up making me replace everything! Just kidding, my current status for this problem is that I have already replaced the balljoint and bushes in the rear Aframe which has removed a lot of the backlash I was getting when changing gears. It also seems to have removed a little of the lurching when I slow then speed up again. A perfect example is when going over a speed bump it is real bad.

Anyway, continuing on, I have asked a lot of questions on forums for advice on this problem and it seems to be leading me to the next fix which will be the rear trailing arms. Supposedly, when these are worn it will allow the diff to rotate in the direction of the wear which will give a sensation of lurching. Well this sounds like a perfectly valid explanation so this is where I might go next. However, they do look new but how would I know 😉

I will keep you appraised of my progress!

Land Rover Diagnostics

I will start by telling you about the landy. I have a 1994 Land Rover Defender which was brought second hand about 1 year ago and I have trying to get it running sweet ever since.

The things that I would like to do are:

  • Give it a bit of sound proofing without being too pretty
  • Track down the reason for a strange lurching when getting off then on the “gass” again.
  • Remove the slight clunking that runs through the drive train when not being gentle with the clutch.
  • Upgrate the diffs to some soft of lockers :)

I have been using Land Rover Owner(AULRO) quite a bit for finding my information, or at the very least a starting point for my investigation. I will not include answers to these posts in this one to make it easier for people to find what they are after, so have a look at the answers to these posts by clicking the links in the dotpoints 😉